Take an insider's look at majestic Tuscany by stepping into the kitchen of Florence's most acclaimed female chef, Benedetta Vitali. Named after the aromatic preparation that forms the backbone of a wide variety of Italian foods, SOFFRITTO is much more than a recipe book. Infused with Benedetta's spirited voice, SOFFRITTO offers an intimate look at both Old World and contemporary Tuscany. See the stunning images of daily life, smell the mouthwatering aromas wafting through Florence's kitchen windows, hear the bantering of locals in the marketplace, and taste true Tuscan cuisine at its best. After following Benedetta around Florence, repair to her kitchen, the center of family activity, for cooking grounded in fresh local ingredients and time-honored techniques. Beginning with basic dishes, she proceeds to teach the techniques of preparing regional classics and discloses the secrets of her world-famous restaurant, Zibibbo. Highlighted dishes include Soup of Puréed Yellow Peppers, Spinach Soufflé, and fresh Fig Torte. Benedetta preaches a reconnection with food and cooking as a way to simplify and enjoy life. Let her guide you through Tuscany's culinary world and rediscover tradition and magic in the kitchen.• The first English-language cookbook from the chef often described as the Alice Waters of Tuscan cuisine.• Includes over 50 lavish color photographs from National Geographic photographer Cary Wolinsky, and archival photos of Florence and Benedetta's family. 

This book is currently out of print. Used copies may be purchased from online booksellers.

"Cuts through the mist and mystification that other authors have allowed to shroud Tuscan food."
          —Wall Street Journal

"It is one of the most interestingI have read about the enjoyment of cooking."
          —Chuck Williams in Williams-Sonoma Taste magazine

"The instructions are precise and extensive. . . . Great artwork aside, this is a fine book to cook from if you are interested not just in compiling recipes, but in learning techniques."
          —New York Daily News

"Vitali is living her life with great spirit, and we get to watch her, and to share."
           —Houston Chronicle

"It has the makings of a classic in regional cuisine. . . . Give this book, and give it selfishly,
to a cook whose meals you expect to share frequently."
           —Tennessee Advocate

"Vitali’s cookbook is a feast for all our senses."
           —El Paso Times

"The most beautiful and, yes, luscious, of these is a new book, SOFFRITTO. The photographs are glorious and so are the recipes…The book is as close to Tuscany as it is possible to get without actually going there."
           —Vallejo Times-Herald

"A delightful synthesis of contemplation and cuisine, of recipes from and reflections upon earthy Tuscan cooking, this cookbook is a quiet stunner."
           —Wichita Register

"Vitali has a unique style, guiding her readers step by step through the recipes and offering up her philosophy on cooking and life with sensitivity and wit. Highly recommended."
           —Library Journal

"One of Florence’s most deservedly celebrated touches a chord so that you begin to think you must have been Tuscan in a previous life. And every recipe has a story."
            —New York Times

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Soffritto: Tradition and Innovation in Tuscan Cooking