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ONE- OR TWO-DAY Cooking Course

Benedetta’s Cooking Classe are normally for one or two days, from Monday through Friday. Students work with Benedetta to prepare a traditional Tuscan menu, followed by lunch or dinner with the dishes paired with wine from the Badia’s cellars.

Beyond the preparation of the day’s dishes, the students have the opportunity to interact with Benedetta, observing, asking questions, and participating in the life of a Tuscan kitchen.

While students may come the Badia just for the day, they will find it convenient and enjoyable to spend a night in its comfortable accommodations.

A student said it best when he wrote—

"Benedetta, we had a truly wonderful week with you. Our time in the kitchen, as well as at the table enjoying delicious food was superb. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, your endless patience, your enthusiasm for cooking and ingredients, and for teaching us new skills."

To schedule a class or to attend an existing one, please contact the Badia reception directly and tell them you were referred by Benedetta.